You’d have to say the Dick Johnson Racing (DJR) Ford Sierra’s from the Australian Touring Car Championship would be one of the most recognisable and iconic of the Group A homologation touring car era. An era close to my heart just due to the sheer number of different manufacturers involved. Anything from a Toyota Sprinter/Corolla to a Volvo 240, to this bad boy would grace the track at each event. A multi-class system kept the competition close and the rivalries fierce.

But, up until the rise of the “Godzilla” Nissan Skyline GT-R in the early 1990s, the Sierra’s were kings and DJR definitely knew how to get the most out of them. Undertyred and overboosted, these cars were pumping out well over 500hp in qualifying trim and were about as subtle as Dick Johnson’s RaceCam banter.

Cheers to Youtuber Adam Smith for the video and Paul for his amazing collection (some serious touring cars are inside) and his knowledge.