I stumbled across this footage today and just could not avoid sharing it with you all. The now housing-estate Oran Park Raceway, was a jewel in Australia’s motorsport crown. It may not have been the prettiest or well kept facility, but mannn was it an amazing experience both for spectators and racers alike.

It was a natural amphitheatre, with views from almost every vantage point of the track. It’s undulating bitumen was twisty and challenging, with plenty of concrete walls nearby to keep you in check.

I was fortunate enough to finally do a track day there a couple of months before it closed and I was even more fortunate enough to watch some races there (most notably Peter Brock’s last ATCC race) with my old man, which will always take a special place in my soul.

Take a look at some Konica Series racing (Super 2 these days) and revel in raw, unadulterated racing – much of which we’ll never see again.

Massive shout out to Blend Line TV for the walk down memory lane – give these legends a subscription on YouTube and check out their other awesome Australian motorsport coverage.